The Center For Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

We are dedicated to providing you with healing meditations and visualizations to access your mind body spirit connection.  Through guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques, we help your unconscious mind discover its innate power to heal.

Transpersonal therapy takes into account our entire make-up as a human being.  We are physical, mental and emotional beings.  These three states of existence are factored into our prospects for healthy living.  These three vital aspects of human life look for harmony with each other.  We can help you find that integration.

Holistic Healing

Our “wholistic” approach, pioneered by the fields of psychobiology and psychoneuroimmunology is key to reducing daily stresses.  These stresses are factors in lowering our immune responses and creating much of the dis-ease in our modern way of life. See our links page for further study.

Free Self Hypnosis Streaming Audio

We offer you free streaming audio from two different perspectives.

For a completely secular approach to mind body healing imagery, choose Secular.

For those of you comfortable with a spiritual yet entirely non-sectarian approach, please try our link marked Spiritual

We invite you to visit us daily and enjoy the gift of healing, mind body therapy.  Any time you need to take a break from your day's stressful routine, log on and relax.


To hear our free streaming audio, you must have Flash Player installed on your system.  To quickly download and install Flash Player, go to this link.



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